Ricker Hill Orchards was founded in 1803, so we say, because that was the year that a family by the name of Awett built the "big house" on the what is now Ricker Hill. Two generations later one Swett daugther married a Ricker who happend to have grew up on Ricker Hill in Hartford, Maine.

The Ricker family has purchased most of the land surrounding Ricker hill. Along the way there was a border dispute over some land on the hill. The families settled the dispute by placing a bible at the end of a stone wall connecting the properties. The bible is still there today.

Over time the family focused on growing apples and now has over 400+ acres of apples. Orchards are spread over 7 towns and 3 counties in (Turner,Auburn, Minot, Hebron, Greene, Bridgton, Harrison) western Maine.

Wholesale apples shipped around the world, primarly Baldwins,Ben Davis, Johnathans, Northern Spy, and other, With a bad winter during the 1930's destroying alot of trees and the slowing of oversea markets led to the propogation of the Mcintosh.

Apples are stored year round in controlled atmosphere rooms, installed in the late 1950's and early 1960's.


15 acres of cranberries that are 2 different varieities that tend to be "bigger, redder, better were installed in the late 1990's.

In the early 2000's our Farm stand was opened with activities, a bakery, upick apples, and more. We also grow many acres of high bush blueberries, pumpkins, and grapes.

In 2014 hard cider and winery was added.