• Sap Boiling
    Sap Boiling demonstations.. Maine Maple Sunday March 22
  • Maple Syrup--Ricker Hill Sugar Shack
    We are Open For Maine Maple Sunday. Come see how we produce maple syrup. Sap will flow from our Maples in late February thru March
  • donut machine
    Come watch the donuts being made
  • Maple Sugar Shack
    Maple Sugar Shack
  • Maple Tap Lines
    Maple Tap Lines


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Maple Syrup & Sugar Shack

Maine Maple Sunday

Maine Maple Sunday

Sunday March 22, 2015

We are open 8 am- 6 pm
Crepes, french toast, bacon, maple baked beans and franks

Boiling demonstrations, tapping demos, maple taffy, maple cream

Donuts made fresh- Maple, Apple cider, Chocolate

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