Cranberry Harvesting

Here at Ricker Hill we utilize machines to aide in the dry harvesting of our berries. We dry harvest our cranberries unlike many other bogs that are flooded since we sell our berries whole and to a fresh market.

The physical machine that is utilized to harvest the berries resembles a push lawnmower, but this machine has rakes that pick the berries off the vine. A conveyor belt on the back of the harvester takes the berries from the rakes and deposits them in a bag located on the back. Demonstrations could be available on harvesting within the harvesting season which takes place in mid October.

Cranberries are generally harvested in October , depending on the variety of the berry and if it is for processing


When stating that we sell to a fresh market, we are stating that when a bog is flooded for harvest; the shelf life of the berries is greatly affected. The berries are apt to rot faster. By dry harvesting them first, the berries can last longer, however perfect wheather conditions have to exist for this to happen, meaning no frost and obviously no rain. With a wet harvest, the farmer doesnt have to be as picking about the conditions.

 Most bogs in the US are wet harvested, because it is faster and nearly 90% of all berries picked are going straight to processing, (aka. juice, jellies, or sauce)

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